Our mission is to provide associations with the tools to plan and prepare for their financial future


We utilize custom, state of the art software and technology to minimize human error and maximize efficiency for our inspections and reserve study reports. This ensures extremely accurate reports and allows us more flexibility for working with managers, boards and owners.


We consistently work with board members, owners, and managers on our reserve study reports to help ensure that they are easy to read and simple to understand so that they can accurately plan their HOA's financial budget. Budgeting is a complicated task, but our reports will ease the struggle.


Our Certified Reserve Specialists have over 30 years of experience in the construction/development industry and have prepared thousands of reserve study reports. We strive for accuracy with the use of historical data, actual job costs, and the help of our proprietary custom software and technology.

Levels of Service

Level 1

Full Reserve Study prepared from scratch includes the development of a component inventory (identification, measurement/quantification, of all major components to be included in the study), and the assembly of life and valuation estimates based on the visual on-site inspection.

Level 2

Reserve Study Update with Onsite Visual Inspection includes the verification of the component inventory using a previous study as a basis, (verification of measurements/quantifications but not the creation of a component inventory from scratch) and the assembly of life and valuation estimates based on the visual on-site inspection.

Level 3

Reserve Study Update without onsite inspection. The Reserve Study update is designed to provide the board with an updated reserve funding plan and disclosure documents based on the component list set forth in the most recent reserve study.

Our Team

Paul Solby
A State Licensed Appraiser for over 18 years Paul joined SMA Reserves as a Partner in 2017.
Erik Sundquist
Erik Sundquist has been certified as a Reserve Specialist (RS) by the Community Associations Institute (CAI)